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What I really love to do is make dogs and cats healthier. I love both my patients and 'their people'. I experienced their pain when they came to see me, often from long distances, with their pets with serious diseases.

The thing is- health depends on good nutrition. It’s been proven that certain nutrients lower the risk of disease. I knew many of the health problems that I routinely saw could have been prevented with good nutrition. I knew something had to be done about it. One in two dogs in the United States is getting cancer now and that wasn’t OK with me.

Nourishment is more than food in a bowl. In fact, many essential nutrients are missing in pet food.

That’s why VITAL VITIES contains every vitamin and mineral and super-foods like kale, broccoli, beets and dandelion. I want dogs and cats to always be able to have the opportunity to have good health and a long happy life. Cause in my world, they’re the best friends we could ever have.

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"Give me everything I need for a long and healthy life."

Dr. Deva Khalsa


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Vital Vities for Dogs - Bacon Lovin' - 60-Day Supply
Our Price: $43.99

Dr. Sharon Marx,  “I put every “body” on it, including my own dogs.  It’s just amazing for any skin or coat problem – dog or cat – and great for chronic digestive issues.  My patients love it and results are fast.  I’ve found it dramatically accelerates my treatment results.”

Thank you for your professional and speedy service.

I would simply like to thank you for your professional and speedy service.  I buy other natural dog products on line and I must say that every time I receive my order from you I am surprised and pleased at how quickly it arrives at my home.  That is a big plus for you!  Not to mention that my dogs love your product.  I like it better than ‘XXX’, my dogs like it better .... mmmmmmmmmmmmm tasty, the price is acceptable in comparison and the folks who believe in this product have taken very good care of me and obviously believe in it themselves and love critters.  Thank you so much 

R. E., Mollie (6 yr old pit mix) and Zoe (3 year old yellow Lab).  I love my girls!!!

Vital Vities for Dogs - Bacon Lovin' - 30-Day Supply
Our Price: $27.99

Kim,  “My dog, Rover (I know! My kids named him.), has very determined ideas as to what he will and will not eat.  He always opts for the junk food first just like my kids.  In both cases, I worry about how to get good nutrition into them.  I solved the dilemma in Rover’s case with the Deserving Pets Bacon and Liver flavor.  He loves it and the great news is that I can put good stuff under it in his bowl and he will eat everything!  Hey, the kids like BLTs – I wonder…”

Vital Vities for Dogs - Chompin' Cheese - 60-Day Supply
Our Price: $43.99

Ramona, Florida,  "Both my dogs are so much healthier since they stared on your Vital Vities.  Their itching and scratching was making my husband's and my life (and their lives - if you think of it) miserable. Both my dogs smelled and had dry, flakey coats.  After a few weeks on your supplement, they are just like new: shiny, healthy and happy.  I've decided that life is more fun with healthy pets."


Vital Vities for Dogs - Chompin' Cheese - 30-Day Supply
Our Price: $27.99

Dee C., Pennsylvania,  "All I can say is 'this is an amazing product!'.  I have been giving this to both cats and dogs for about a week.  They absolutely love, love it ... in fact, one morning, I forgot to sprinkle the supplements on their usual breakfast and some just walked away while others looked at me trying to tell me something.  I did not get it until later.  Their supper had the supplements added and they all gobbled up everything with gusto.  This is a wonderful product."

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